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2 girls with brown hair wearing white sexy sleeping wear are looking at each other. the girl on the right side is touching the other girls hair while the girl on the left side is holding a flower in her hand.

For twice the adventure

You simply can’t or want to decide which Gemma Girl to take out on a date? Well, in that case, just invite two of the girls over! And while all of the girls enjoy spending time with each other, Maya and Emma really get along. If you spend a Sunday afternoon strolling around Berlin, you might just find them walking the streets arm in arm.


But when asked politely, they may just make room for one more person to join their adventures. Especially if the person asking is a fine gentleman just like you. And because Maya and Emma know each other so well, you can take the backseat anytime and relax. Maya will order Emma's favorite drink and Emma will know exactly how to make Maya smile. 

And you will of course also get to enjoy their undivided attention! The girls will take good care of you and make sure you have everything you desire. While Emma gets a bottle of prosecco from the fridge and puts on some peaceful music, Maya might just start to softly massage your shoulders...

What exactly is the Girlfriend Experience?

Beziehung ohne Strings Attached

Mit deinem Gemma Girl erlebst du nur die süßen Seiten einer traditionellen Beziehung. Das gibt dir Abwechslung, Inspiration, und vieles mehr...

a gemma escort girl holding a golf club in her hand
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