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The playful one

Going on a date with Emma means letting go, recognizing your true desires and enjoying your uninhibited and free self. You can be as spontaneous, weird and crazy as you want and don't need to think twice about anything. Tomorrow simply doesn't exist for the two of you.


When meeting this Gemma Girl, you'll immediately feel comfortable and understood, and are ready to relinquish control. If you want to explore your boundaries and find out how far you can go, she is right girl for you. She likes to be in charge, but is understanding and empathetic at the same time.


Emma dresses herself with much care and taste, enjoys going to the theater, movies and art exhibitions. She finds herself attracted to men with a sense of humor, likes to laugh and take things lightly. If you're not careful, you might just fall for her...

25    1.72     brunette     brown eyes    German  English

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