The sensitive one

This Gemma Girl enjoys all the unconventional, exciting and thrilling aspects of life. She usually follows her intuition and just goes wherever the flow of things might take her. To her, nights are not for sleeping, but for dancing.


Hanna likes to lead and knows what it means to take good care of somebody. Hanna's wild curly hair and bright green eyes are always quick to get everybody's attention. Her appearance is feminine through and through, with sensual curves and velvety soft skin. Once under her spell, it is very difficult to let go of her.


Besides music and dancing, this Gemma Girl appreciates fine foods and good drinks. She enjoys trying out new restaurants and ordering the most adventurous sounding dishes from the menu. A perfect evening to her? A glass of fine whisky combined with steamy lust...

28      1.64       dark blonde       green eyes       German  English