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A photo of an escort girl from the escort agency gemma girls in berlin. The girl is sitting on a table in profile, behind her a mirror which reflects her image. she has brown long her which are made in brades. she is wearing a striped shirt, a white slip and pink socks. her gaze is looking down and shows her profile.

The elegant one

If there's anybody who truly masters the art of living, then that person is Lola. This Gemma Girl embodies l'art de vivre like no other. Sipping on a Café au Lait in a small bistro, strolling arm in arm across the city squares, enjoying the sunshine and letting  moments become eternal. That's a perfect day in Lola's life. 


This Gemma Girl prefers quality over quantity and also appreciates the small, simple things in life. Her simplistic elegance, her calm and her humor turn every date into a special, beautiful occasion. All colors will suddenly seem brighter, music more melodious, every gaze more intense. 

Lola enjoys being looked after and getting pampered by a gentleman. She loves exchanging gentle caresses and soft cuddles, her petite body turning into a velvety stream. And if her partner is willing to take over control, she won't say no to going on a little adventure...

29    1.64     brunette     brown eyes    German /English

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