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We founded Gemma because sometimes fate needs a little push. Life is too short to be waiting around. Waiting for the right one to just be casually strolling down the street, waiting for your lucky stars to align, waiting for the meant-to-be moment, waiting for the one great love. We believe in little loves, in sweet flings, in lightness and ease, in the right here and now, the moment, the kiss.


Hence why we wouldn't call ourselves your standard escort agency. We want you and your Gemma Girl to click and to connect on some deeper level, instead of just briefly meeting each other. We want you to feel passion and desire, to allow for your bodies to take over and to enjoy thoroughly. Feel free to retreat into your own little world. A world in which you feel at ease, happy and content. This world might last for a couple of hours, a night or many days to come – it's completely up to you.

We are happy to take care of the planning and organization of your date, so you two can sit back and relax. We can share our favorite hotels with you and also make reservations for you. Berlin has a number of absolutely beautiful, lesser-known hotels and apartments that are tucked away from the hectic city life and might just be the oasis of calm you're looking for. We know which places have the nicest spa, best breakfast and from which rooftop terrace you can enjoy an amazing view over Berlin. We want to hear all about your expectations for your stay in Berlin and for your date, so that we can provide you with an unforgettable time.


If you're not sure which Gemma Girl you'd like to take on a date, just reach out to us. We want you to find the perfect match and are happy to assist you in making the right choice – even though there's hardly a wrong choice; all Gemma Girls are absolutely delightful! The more you tell us about yourself, the easier it is for us to send you on an amazing date. And since it is always very exciting to meet a complete stranger, you can also speak to your Gemma Girl over the phone. Both of you can get a sense of what the other person is all about and get the conversation started.


We really do enjoy and appreciate the kinds of conversation that go beyond three-word sentences. That goes for all communications between you and us as an agency, and between you and your Gemma Girl. So don't be shy and just send us a couple of kind words! We are also happy to forward your messages to your Gemma Girl – and get back to you with her responses. We ourselves are two young women with plenty of escorting experience, we know what we're doing, we are there for you and you can count on us!


Yours, Marika and Elisa

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